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Hey friends!

J’ai travaillé beaucoup sur mon musical au cours des derniers mois. Je m’excuse de ne pas pouvoir publier plus souvent entre-temps. En fait, j’ai terminé le premier brouillon du dialogue! Je travaille sur Continue reading


The Eye of the Storm

Hey friends!

There’s a lot of news to bring to you today, which is appropriate seeing as I haven’t posted in nearly three months. Uh, sorry about that. Firstly, it’s around this time of year when I really realize how over-my-head this project is. A full-feature musical in only 7 months? Good one. Instead, I am shifting focus by creating Continue reading

27 Years Later…

Hey friends!

So… I haven’t worked on my musical for over a month. This is a good start. I was planning on getting more done before I made my next blog post, but as this weekend (and my patience) comes to a close, I figured I’m well overdue for an update.

I have been revising (and let’s be honest, completely rewriting) my scene outline of the musical, and I have reached a point in which I feel Continue reading

Degrees and V’s and I’s – Oh My!

Hello friends!

Cadences: can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. That’s what we invested most of our time in this week. We learned about perfect/imperfect authentic cadences (V-I or the rare vii°⁶-I in imperfect), half cadences (end on V), Phrygian cadences (iv⁶-V in minor), plagal cadences (IV-I or the rare ii⁶-I), and deceptive cadences (start on V and resolve to a chord besides I). One of our assignments this week was to make a Continue reading

Take Note

Hey friends!

I left myself some unfinished business from last week – plotting out the musical scene-by-scene. I mentioned previously that I made it about halfway through, and after about a half hour more, I am (hopefully) over 3/4 done. Keep in mind, this is an insanely rough draft. It would take a miracle if after months of writing scenes, composing music, analyzing relationships, and Continue reading

The FUNdamentals

Hello friends!

When you think “AP Music Theory”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Chances are it has something to do with chords. From chord structure to chord progressions, just about anything in AP Music Theory has to deal with chords, so it’s a good thing we’re learning about them!

We started working on the fourth chapter of our textbooks, appropriately titled “Chords”. Starting off with triads, it ventured into the realm of seventh chords as well. It spoke of Continue reading