A Fresh Start

Hey friends!

I am writing a musical. How exciting! I pitched this idea to my AP Music Theory class in a “Shark Tank“-style presentation, and they loved it! There were some floating doubts about my capability to accomplish an entire musical in but one school year, but I have no (okay, maybe a few) fears about that.

My biggest obstacle right now is having no idea where to go. Yes, I’m writing a musical, but… that’s about all I know. What’s it going to be about? What style of music will be pre-dominant? Will it be a comedy, a horror, a mystery? These questions sure are a mystery to me. If I had it my way, I would write a beautifully-composed comedy that turns shockingly serious at the end, like Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. This would provide the perfect mixture of good-time enjoyment and emotional take-away.

That’s about it; stay tuned!


One thought on “A Fresh Start

  1. For a while there, I was confused about what you meant by a comedy that turned serious at the end, but I understand now with the Dr. Sing-Along Blog analogy! I’m so excited to see your musical come to life!


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