Plotting a Plot

Hey friends!

It’s time for step one: discover a plot. There is truly not much I can do before I have a general plot line, and I’m drawing a blank. I have one idea so far, and though I’m not focusing on titles too much, I’m thinking it could be called “No Passing Zone”. Here’s the general plot:

A high school senior who is very successful in school loves school so much that he intentionally flunks out so he can retake senior year. He does this a few times, but soon enough this cute girl joins his class; thus, he tries his best to pass senior year to graduate with her. However, he has lost his capability to succeed at school. After great amounts of hard work, he finishes the year just barely passing senior year. However, in an unexpected twist, the girl fails and the two still part.

That’s a little more in-depth than I really need to focus on at this point, but I thought it would be a cool idea. If you have any other ideas or original plot lines I might work with, I strongly encourage you to leave a comment on this post or visit my Contact page.

That’s about it; stay tuned!


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