Hitler’s Punishment

Hey friends!

Writing a musical is hard. And I haven’t even started yet.

I’ve settled on the plot described in my previous post, with one update: the main character is a “kid genius”, excelling early and skipping years in school to add drama and work out the awkward age difference in the romance. That said, here’s what I’ve been up to: I made a thorough plot outline, but after I was done, I realized I really didn’t do any new work. So, I started plotting out the musical scene-by-scene, and I feel overwhelmed already. (I only made it about halfway through the plot outline going scene-by-scene.)

I’ve been doing my share of research, too. Earlier today, I read an article from Musicals101.com written by John Kenrick about how to write a musical, and, well, here’s a quote from it that caught my eye:

[T]hat is why several wise people have been credited with saying that the worst thing they could wish on Hitler was that he “be stuck out of town working on a new musical!”

…Yikes. This should be fun!

Thats about it; stay tuned!


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