Test of Knowledge, Test of Faith

Hello friends!

Boy oh boy has it been a while since I’ve blogged. And yet, not much has happened. I haven’t accomplished much at all on my writing a musical due to skipped weekends and busy schedules. Nevertheless, we kept doing as much work as possible in AP Music Theory!

Wrapping up our studies on cadences and nonharmonic tones, the three-day week (due to Thanksgiving) ended with the test of all tests. Really, it was just a test on cadences and nonharmonics, so it wasn’t too bad. I felt like I performed adequately taking the test, though I was a little skeptical when a lot of my answers were very similar. I managed to make my way through it fairly smoothly, though I don’t blame some of my classmates for working on it into the next class period.

We got our test results back, and to be honest, I was disappointed in myself. As far as identifying cadences and key signatures and nonharmonics, I was spot-on. The only points I missed were because I forgot to notate when a chord was inverted vs. root position. I can never remember to do that! So certainly, in the weeks to come, I want to get much better at remembering to analyze inversions. As well, same problem different day, I need to review the set below of special, rarer chords one might find in cadences:

  • vii°-I – Imperfect authentic cadence
  • iv⁶-V (in minor) Phrygian cadence
  • ii⁶-I plagal cadence

That’s it for now; stay tuned!


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