27 Years Later…

Hey friends!

So… I haven’t worked on my musical for over a month. This is a good start. I was planning on getting more done before I made my next blog post, but as this weekend (and my patience) comes to a close, I figured I’m well overdue for an update.

I have been revising (and let’s be honest, completely rewriting) my scene outline of the musical, and I have reached a point in which I feel Continue reading


Keep On Truckin’!

Hello friends!

Keep on truckin’! click on this link for a bunch of pictures of trucks. In unrelated news, we had another successful week in AP Music Theory class.

Okay, so I’ve already dedicated an entire title and intro paragraph to the phrase “keep on truckin'”. If you don’t know what we’re doing in class, you might be confused. Long story short, Continue reading