Keep On Truckin’!

Hello friends!

Keep on truckin’! click on this link for a bunch of pictures of trucks. In unrelated news, we had another successful week in AP Music Theory class.

Okay, so I’ve already dedicated an entire title and intro paragraph to the phrase “keep on truckin'”. If you don’t know what we’re doing in class, you might be confused. Long story short, our class has been known to ask a lot of weird, theoretical questions. This has been delaying our progression through the course materials, so our new-and-improved motto is “keep on truckin'”, because we have to make it through the rest of the year strong!

How have we kept on truckin’? Skipping Chapter 6 in our textbooks, we moved on to Chapter 7: “Texture and Textural Reduction”. It’s important to note that after four straight days of truckin’ through the chapter, we haven’t begun discussing textural reduction yet. What’s so to-do about textures? I’m glad you asked.

There are four main types of textures that we’ve looked over in class:

  1. Monophonic – one melody line, sometimes doubled in octaves or parallel intervals.
  2. Polyphonic – two or more melody lines, independent or in imitation
  3. Homophonic – one melody line along with accompaniment support
  4. Homorhythmic – all parts sharing similar rhythms, leading to vertical alignment; “hymn style”

Along with that, there are multiple classifications of parts or “voices”:

  1. primary melody (PM) – strong melody line of the selection
  2. secondary melody (SM) – weaker melody line in a section, esp. in polyphonic
  3. parallel supporting melody (PSM) – melody line doubled in octave or interval
  4. harmonic support (HS) – additional harmonies added with identical rhythms
  5. rhythmic support (RS) – additional rhythms added with identical pitches (or no pitch)
  6. harmonic-rhythmic support (HRS) – a beautiful combination of #4 and #5
  7. static support (SS) – supporting line featuring a pedal tone or repeating patterns

So… that’s a lot of information. I can’t wait to learn about textural reduction next week!

That’s it for now; stay tuned!


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