27 Years Later…

Hey friends!

So… I haven’t worked on my musical for over a month. This is a good start. I was planning on getting more done before I made my next blog post, but as this weekend (and my patience) comes to a close, I figured I’m well overdue for an update.

I have been revising (and let’s be honest, completely rewriting) my scene outline of the musical, and I have reached a point in which I feel comfortable sharing it with you all. (Before now, my “outline” has been a blender of bad ideas and chicken-scratched grammar.) So if you’re interested, you can find a full scene outline here! WARNING: There are totally spoilers on the Google Doc. So if you plan on waiting until May (and possibly much, much later) to see it on-stage, this outline is not for you.

All that aside, I have been sending out emails to a few entities regarding setting up educational interviews; no one has taken me up on the offer yet. The purpose of these suggested interviews is for me to talk face-to-face with an experienced writer/composer about nearly anything I should know taking on this project. If you have any suggestions as to whom I might contact, leave a comment below or visit my Contact page. I’m not scared to ask anyone for an interview, so show no bounds!

Finally, throughout my day-to-day business, I have had a few ideas regarding basic melodies for some of my songs. I have been keeping track of all these scraps of ideas and plan on using them either directly or indirectly towards the final compositions. Just today I had a brilliant idea for a bass line in asymmetric meter for my spooky math song (#6: “Math Attack”, for anyone following the scene outline)! With the help of computer technologies, here’s a quick peek of that:


What do you think?

That’s about it; stay tuned!


One thought on “27 Years Later…

  1. I can see music directors getting frustrated about whether to blame the chorus or the music for “Math Attack”s quality, but they’ll keep on truckin’ 😀 As far as inspiration, I just suggest finding a way to setup a random note generator and sit there until something catches you, or just piano plunk regularly.


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