The Eye of the Storm

Hey friends!

There’s a lot of news to bring to you today, which is appropriate seeing as I haven’t posted in nearly three months. Uh, sorry about that. Firstly, it’s around this time of year when I really realize how over-my-head this project is. A full-feature musical in only 7 months? Good one. Instead, I am shifting focus by creating a type of “one-act” musical, or mini-musical. The final project will only feature 4 songs: “Prodigy”, “Who’s That Girl?”, “Graduate”, and “Graduated”. (I might add a fifth song.) Think of it more as a proof-of-concept than a formal show.

That out of the way, what do I have done?… Nothing. I actually recorded myself delivering a loose performance of “Graduate” with basic piano accompaniment, but even then there were awkward transitions (or lack thereof) and unfortunate chords. Good news? That was done quite some time ago, and recently in the AP Music Theory classroom, we learned about chord progressions! I will hopefully revise the chord progressions of the song soon and make them generate more momentum.

I have also spent quite some time recently scripting the production. Over the past few weeks, I have generated dialogue from the first song “Prodigy” to just before the third song “Graduate”. This is very relieving to have gotten so far, because prior to having the dialogue, I felt as though all of my ideas were only theoretical and that I was getting no real work done. Here I am though, half-script and all.

That’s about it; stay tuned!


One thought on “The Eye of the Storm

  1. A mini-musical is just as impressive (or proof-of-concept is I guess what you’re calling it). And who knows? If you like it enough, or if some other creative genius likes it enough, it could work its way to becoming a full-blown musical in the future!


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