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Hey friends!

J’ai travaillé beaucoup sur mon musical au cours des derniers mois. Je m’excuse de ne pas pouvoir publier plus souvent entre-temps. En fait, j’ai terminé le premier brouillon du dialogue! Je travaille sur Continue reading


The Eye of the Storm

Hey friends!

There’s a lot of news to bring to you today, which is appropriate seeing as I haven’t posted in nearly three months. Uh, sorry about that. Firstly, it’s around this time of year when I really realize how over-my-head this project is. A full-feature musical in only 7 months? Good one. Instead, I am shifting focus by creating Continue reading

27 Years Later…

Hey friends!

So… I haven’t worked on my musical for over a month. This is a good start. I was planning on getting more done before I made my next blog post, but as this weekend (and my patience) comes to a close, I figured I’m well overdue for an update.

I have been revising (and let’s be honest, completely rewriting) my scene outline of the musical, and I have reached a point in which I feel Continue reading

Take Note

Hey friends!

I left myself some unfinished business from last week – plotting out the musical scene-by-scene. I mentioned previously that I made it about halfway through, and after about a half hour more, I am (hopefully) over 3/4 done. Keep in mind, this is an insanely rough draft. It would take a miracle if after months of writing scenes, composing music, analyzing relationships, and Continue reading